Misdaad en Dwelms, Highjackers en julle!

82% van julle se Louis van Wyk moet sy pie vat en waai….verskoon die woordspeling!
Dis volgens die uitslae van my meningspeiling van Dinsdag.

Terwyl ek hier skryf donner die Proteas die Pommies op en is die Kaap amper weer Hollands.

Sou gewees het as ek nie weer moes hoor van dwelms wat al weer iemand wat ek ken se lewe verwoes het nie…

Nou vra ek julle, kom ondersteun die protes optog Saterdag teen misdaad en dwelms saam my, ek het my lewe op die spel geplaas vir hierdie oefening, baie keer kom wys my dis nie net ek wat op ‘n eenman mission is nie.

Nog ‘n dag, nog ‘n plaasmoord weer vandag, kom wys jy stem nie saam met dit nie, die optog begin Saterdagoggend 8H30 by die Hoerskool Johan Jurgens se sportgronde v/v 12e Straat en 5e Laan, Springs, die roete loop reguit af in 5e Laan regs in 2e Straat waar ‘n memorandum aan die Polisie en die Metropolisie oorhandig sal word, dieselfde roete terug en dan gaan Joe F, Rudi Muller en Karen Ferreira as ‘n spesiale geskenk van Wimpievds.blogspot.com en Markon Eiendomme vir julle optree vir so 40 minute.

Maak seker jy is daar, as ek my lewe en die van my kinders op die spel plaas vir hierdie saak , kan jy seker kom stap, dis net ‘n paar blokke ek belowe!

Hierdie e-pos gekry oor kapings:

A repentant car hijacker (28) stole and hijacked cars for more than 14years before deciding to go straight. Now he is a struggling fashiondesigner who presents motivational talks at schools in Orange Farm,south of Joburg, discouraging youngsters from doing crime. He spoke toDenis Droppa about the murky world of vehicle crime.Q. 1: Are most cars hijacked on order by syndicates?Answer: Yes, I would get a phone call to deliver a certain type of carby a certain deadline, and then we’d go out and search for one. Ifthey needed it quickly, I would hijack. If I had a bit more time I’dsteal a parked car, as it was safer.Q. 2: Which types of vehicles are the most popular amongst hijackers?Answer: We would get orders to steal just about anything. Double-cabbakkies, any make, were in very high demand. Also, “G-strings” (BMW3-series), Polo’s, Mercedes and Toyotas. I’d get paid a lot more fora double-cab, around R16 000, but only about R500 to R6 000 for a car.If it was an expensive car like the “Anaconda” (BMW 7-series) I couldget about 15 grand, though.Q. 3: Which cars have the lowest hijack risk?Answer: There’s no such thing. There’s a demand for all sorts of cars,old and new. If the vehicle isn’t sold then it’s stripped for spares.The only thing there isn’t really an interest in is expensive exotics.I once stole a Ferrari from a garage just for fun, drove it around fora while and then left it back at the garage.Q. 4: Do most of the cars that aren’t stripped end up beyond ourborders?Answer: No, a lot stay in the country. They are given new identities,re-registered and sold here .Q. 5: How effective are modern anti-theft and tracking systems?Answer: When I was stealing cars three years ago, most of them were ajoke. I could break into almost any car and drive it away withinminutes. Some cars were very advanced and a lot of work to stealthough, like Volvos. With tracking systems, it was usually very easyto find where the device was hidden. While one guy drove the car, hisaccomplices would strip the interior looking for the tracker’s hidingplace. Then sometimes we’d place the tracking unit into a taxi andtrick the police and the helicopters into following the taxi. Nowadaysthe tracking systems are getting a lot better though, with quickerresponse times, and towards the end I nearly got caught a couple oftimes.Q. 6: How did you learn how to override these high-tech systems?Answer: Experience, and learning from other car thieves. We all sharedinformation. I! f I was having difficulty with a particular car,sometimes I’d dress up nicely and go to a dealer posing as a customer.I’d ask the salesman how good the anti-theft system was on that carand he would give me all the details.Q. 7: What was your hijacking modus operandi?Answer: We would get people in their driveways, on the way to work oron their way home. Rainy weather is the best time to steal cars. Whenit’s raining it makes it more difficult for the tracking helicoptersto find you.Q. 8: In a hijacking did you normally go for soft targets like women?Answer: No, I could take on anyone. I was a professional. Some peoplewore guns but never got a chance to use them as I was too fast. I’dstick my gun right in their faces and they wouldn’t give me anytrouble.That’s why I never shot or hurt anyone; I was against that. A friendof mine sometimes shot people he hijacked and he used to wake up withnightmares.Q. 9: Which area s did you target?Answer: Any white suburb, it didn’t matter. I never stole in thetownships because people were poor there. I also didn’t rob blackpeople.Q 10: Is that because you don’t like whites?Answer: No, it’s because darkies are dangerous. If you rob them, theygo to a sangoma who would “take care” of you.Q. 11: How much money did you make?Answer: A lot, but I wasted it all. It was easy come, easy go. Somemoney would go to police and judges and prison officials in bribes. Igot caught a few times but was never convicted. Bribing a policeofficer to lose a docket cost about R2 000 to R5 000. The only time Ispent in jail was awaiting trial. Then I’d bribe the prison guard tohelp me escape.Q. 12: Is this the norm, or were you lucky?Answer: I knew how to find the loopholes and beat the system. Some ofmy friends were caught and convicted to 8 or 12 years or more.Q. 13: What made you stop crime?Answer: I saw I had nothing to show for all those years. I felt guiltyfor what I’d done and wanted to achieve something in my life. That’swhy I do community work persuading other people not to do crime, andI’m also a fashion designer. I’m struggling with money now. My sewingmachine broke and I can’t afford to fix it, but I won’t go back tocrime. That life is a stupid life.Q. 14: What is your advice to motorists to avoid hijacking?Answer: Look out for people following you. Some hijackers spot a carthey want and follow the person home. Be aware. If you’re suspicious,make a few false turns and see if that car is still behind you. If itis, drive to a police station.
Ek sluit af met die ene:

Can you imagine working for a company that has a little more than 500 employees and has the following statistics: 29 have been accused of spousal abuse 7 have been arrested for fraud19 have been accused of writing bad cheques117 have directly or indirectly bankrupted at least 2 businesses 3 have done time for assault71 cannot get a credit card due to bad credit14 have been arrested on drug-related charges 8 have been arrested for shoplifting 21 are currently defendants in lawsuits 84 have been arrested for drunk driving in the last year
And 1 is currently being investigated for shake arm shady deals!!!!!!!!(Pending)
373 in total or approximately 70%Can you guess which organization this is?Give up yet?

It’s the 535 members of the SOUTH AFRICAN PARLIAMENT -(The same group that cranks out hundreds of new laws each year designed to keep the rest of us in line!)

Maak seker jy vertel almal wat jy kan van Saterdag en ek sien uit daarna om julle almal te sien EK SOEK JOU DAAR!

Vandag se meningspeiling:

Wie dink jy gaan die krieket wereldbeker wen?

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4 Responses to Misdaad en Dwelms, Highjackers en julle!

  1. kornell says:

    Well, Wimps, aangesien niemand anders kommentaar vir jou gelos het op jou meningspyling nie dan sal ek nou maar een doen, al is dit nou al verby en is ons nou deur na die semies toe. Groetnis vir almal daar in SA. Groetnis uit Engeland.

  2. JEAN HODSON says:

    Hi there!

    So sorry I won’t be at the march….I am at work this weekend. (I am a nursing sister) But I have told all the people I know and my whole extended family about it, so someone will be there on my behalf and of course I will be there in spirit…..Supporting you and the rest of Springs all the way! Its time we drove all the rubbish out of Springs and out of the country. Instead of losing our families to crime and greener pastures, already one of my brothers is in Australia, with the other one and two of his friends already making plans to join him! Lets make this country a place we can be proud of and a place people will rather return to than leave!

  3. Anonymous says:

    naand se ja nee lekka dis donderdag aand ek doen tegnies vir dolfie… ek was nou twee uit die opvangs gebied maar hoor all is set for saturday nou ja baie sterkte…ek glo en vertrou dat dit n sukses sal wees… ok nag ou grote

  4. Anonymous says:

    o en as jy bietjie sport luister sal jy weet die proteas bring die beker huis toe………. tjorts